Instructions for use

Prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX are multi-fractional white powders with different aromas on the base of sodium bicarbonate and are intended for use in air polishing technology.

Prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX are intended for all dental cleaning and abrasion powder jet handpieces and systems, designed to work with these types of powders.

Prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX are intended for supragingival use only, cleaning application.

Prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX produce in compliance with ISO 20608:2018 Dentistry - Powder jet handpieces and powders.


- cleaning the tooth surfaces.

- removal of biofilms and pigmented films.

- removal of deposits and accretions on teeth.

- removal of dental plaque.

- final cleaning and polishing when removing supragingival calculus.

- preparation of the tooth surface for put on of dental braces, fissure sealing, fluoridation of the teeth.


- allergic reactions to powder or its components

- respiratory problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or any condition that interferes with breathing or swallowing

- physician-directed sodiumrestricted diet and hypertension

- end-stage renal disease or immunocompromised patients

- communicable infection

- Addison's disease or Cushing's disease

- potassium, anti-diuretics, or steroid therapy

- dentin, root cement, demineral enamel, fillings and filling margins should not be processed with the powder. After processing metal surfaces, they can become matt.

PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX, lemon and
PROFIFLUSS®CX CompleX, orange
contain lemonene

Read before use

Safety advices:

- Protect the lips of the patient with the vaseline.

- Both user and patient must have eye protection.

- User must wear the mask.

- One should work with the saliva ejector.

- After completing the procedure, the patient should rinse the mouth with water.

Keep bottles with powders tightly closed and shake them several times before use.

Store the product tightly closed in the original packing at temperatures up to 28°C and relative humidity from 5 to 95%. Protect from moisture. Shelf life is indicated on the label. Do not use after expiry date.

Universal angulations for air polishing was shown in article Barnes CM. An In-Depth Look at Air Polishing. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene (March 2010) 8(3): 32, 34-36, 40.:

An example of the air polishing technology application can be seen here:

List of useful literature for studying air polishing technology.
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